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contact_us_icon-orangeAt Yellow Cab Company of D.C. we value your feedback. We look forward to your comments to better serve you.  We strive to provide a pleasant service experience and would like to hear from you if we exceed or fail to meet your service expectations.

Call us or send an electronic message to if you have any questions, comments or service complaints.  We will respond to you by the next business day. Please do not submit cab requests through email.  Please call us at the numbers below or select Order A Cab to submit your taxicab request online.

Complaints (including any complaint for discriminatory conduct)

Passengers may report complaints to Yellow Cab by calling 202-546-7900 (8:30am – 4:30pm Mon-Fri) 0r 202-546 7904 (24-hours) or file complaint online at  Yellow Cab will promptly investigate and complete its investigations  within 10 business days.  You also have the right to report complaints to the DC Department of for Hire Vehicles (DFHV).   See DFHV Complaint Procedure 

Contact Numbers
General Office: (202) 546-7900
Taxicab Service: (202) 544-1212 or (202) TAXICAB
Fax: (202) 546-0999
Automotive Service: (202) 546-7905 

Mailing Address
Yellow Cab Co. of D.C. Inc.
1636 Bladensburg Rd. NE
Washington D.C. 20002

Vehicle-for-hire services in Washington DC  are regulated by the DC Taxicab Commission
2235 Shannon Place, SE Suite 3001
Washington DC, 200020-7024
1-855-484-4966    TTY:711