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on Jun 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

DCTC Reorganization
On June 28, 2016, DCTC will cease to exist in its current form.  The agency will be elevated to the department status and will be renamed as the DC Department for Vehicles for Hire under the new moniker of “DC Rides.  The transition from its current form to the newly designated status is expected to take about nine months. It is expected the agency will continue to operate as is for now and changes will be slowly transitioned over time. See below link to the new organization.

New Rulemaking:
At the last official meeting of the DC taxicab Commission on June 23, 2016 a number of new rules were passed as Emergency or Final Rulemaking.  Listed below are links to the new rules. 

Chapters 5, 12, 99 Final – Creates Independent Vehicle Business

Chapter 6 Final – Requires MTS to Allow Ride Rating

Chapter 10, 12, 99 Emergency – Authorizes Provisional LCS Operator License

Chapter 10 Emergency – Clarifies Conditions for New Vehicle Licenses

Chapters 8, 99 Emergency & Proposed – Establishes New Rate for Legacy Meter

Chapters 8, 20 Emergency & Proposed – Clarifies and Reauthorizes Fines for Serious Violations

New TNC Bill

Here is the new TNC in Council for consideration.  It gives the TNC completely separate rules to self-govern and operate outside of DCTC’s control and enforcement.  It allows them to have 12-years age limit and private background checks.  It also allows them all rights to participate in all facets of the taxicab industry without the same rules.  It seems that being a digital dispatch company may be the future if street hails slowly evolve into ehails.

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