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Corporate Accounts are a convenient and efficient way to handle all of your transportation needs. Your calls will have the highest priority in our incoming call queue and automated dispatch system. You can request a taxicab online using our WebBooker and MobileBooker applications for immediate and pre-scheduled pickups. You can also request a specific driver, check the status and modify or cancel the request online.

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CareersYellow Cab Company of DC is a growing transportation company with available job opportunities. We are expanding our services to include Limousine, Paratransit and Delivery Services. Listed below is a list of current job opportunities. If you believe that you qualify for one of the below positions you may visit our office at the below address to complete an application.

Call Center Operators
We have an immediate openings for a part-time Calltaker positions for weekend and special shift times

We are always looking for part-time and full-time Dispatcher with previous work experience in a computerized taxicab dispatching operations.  The three operating shifts are: 6:00AM – 2:00PM, 2:00PM – 10:00PM and 10:00PM to 6:00AM. (We currently have no openings)

Contact Information
Yellow Cab Co. of D.C.
1636 Bladensburg Rd. N.E.
Washington D.C. 20002
202-546 7900 (Main)
202-546 0999 (Fax)


Coming Soon – Sedan Services


Sedanbanner The launch of our sedan service is delayed because pending new private sedan legislation is being considered by the City Council.  We will provide more details on this new level of service when regulations are final and published.

District of Columbia taxicab rates effective June 1, 2013


- First 1/8 mile:                                              $3.25

- Each additional 1/8 mile:                         $0.27

- Wait Rate per hour: *                                $35.00

- Hourly Contract Rate **                           $35.00


*Wait Rate begins five (5) minutes after time of arrival at dispatch location. No wait time charged for premature response to a dispatch. Wait time charged while taxicab is stopped or slowed to less than ten (10) miles per hour for longer than sixty (60) seconds. Wait time charged for delays or stopovers at the direction of the passenger.

**Hourly Rate of $35.00 for the first one (1) hour or fraction thereof, $8.75 for each additional fifteen (15) minutes or fraction thereof.


  • Taxicab passenger surcharge per trip                                           $0.25
  • Dispatch Fee                                                                                          $2.00
  • Additional Passenger (regardless of number)                             $1.00
  • Declared Snow Emergency Fee                                                        $15.00
Calculate Fare

Use the FARE ESTIMATOR tool to calculate the estimated fare. Please note that the calculated fare is an estimate and is not reflective of time, weather, traffic and other conditions.  The actual fare calculated by the in-vehicle time and distance taximeter is the official fare for your trip.


  • Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab.
  • Shared Riding Venues: Union Station, Verizon Center or Nationals Park or other locations designated by an administrative order of the Office of Taxicabs
  • Airport Surcharge or Toll Paid: if any, amount charged shall be the same amount that was paid.
  • Delivery Service: same rate as single passenger unless vehicle hired by the hour



DCTC Reorganization: On June 28, 2016, DCTC will cease to exist in its current form.  The agency will be elevated to the department status and will be renamed as the DC Department of Vehicles For Hire under the new moniker of “DC Rides”.  The transition from its current form to the newly designated status is expected to take about nine months. It is expected the agency will continue to operate as is for now and changes will be slowly transitioned over time.   See link below for organization restructure fort the new Department of Vehicles for Hire.  Department Of Vehicle For Hire


New Rulemaking: At the last official meeting of the DC taxicab Commission on June 23, 2016 a number of new rules were passed as Emergency or Final Rulemaking.  Listed below are links to the new rules. 

Chapters 5, 12, 99 Final – Creates Independent Vehicle Business

Chapter 6 Final – Requires MTS to Allow Ride Rating

Chapter 10, 12, 99 Emergency – Authorizes Provisional LCS Operator License

Chapter 10 Emergency – Clarifies Conditions for New Vehicle Licenses

Chapters 8, 99 Emergency & Proposed – Establishes New Rate for Legacy Meter

Chapters 8, 20 Emergency & Proposed – Clarifies and Reauthorizes Fines for Serious Violations

New TNC Bill : Here is the new TNC in Council for consideration.  It gives the TNC completely separate rules to self-govern and operate outside of DCTC’s control and enforcement.  It allows them to have 12-years age limit and private background checks.  It also allows them all rights to participate in all facets of the taxicab industry without the same rules.  It seems that being a digital dispatch company may be the future if street hails slowly evolve into e-hails.

New TNC Bill


Lost Luggage Returned!

I just had a great experience with a Yellow Cab driver, and I wanted to pass along the feedback, partly to compliment your company and partly so that he can get some recognition. Unfortunately, I don’t know his name, but I hope to give you enough details that you can track him down for me.
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Mark Manuszak Mark Manuszak