District of Columbia Taxicab Rates


First 1/8 of mile $3.25
Each Additional Mile $2.17
Wait Rate (per hour) * $25.00
Hourly Contract Rate (2-hour minimum) ** $35.00

**Hourly Rate of $35.00 for the first one (1) hour or fraction thereof, $8.75 for each additional fifteen (15) minutes or fraction thereof.


Passenger Surcharge $0.25
Dispatch Fee $2.00
Additional Passenger(s) $1.00 (maximum)
Snow Emergency Fee $15.00
Airport Fee (DCA/Ronald Reagan Airport) $3.00

*Wait Rate begins five (5) minutes after time of arrival at dispatch location. No wait time charged for premature response to a dispatch. Wait time charged while taxicab is stopped or slowed to less than ten (10) miles per hour for longer than sixty (60) seconds. Wait time charged for delays or stopovers at the direction of the passenger.


  • Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab.
  • Shared Riding Venues: Union Station, Verizon Center or Nationals Park or other locations designated by an administrative order of the Office of Taxicabs
  • Airport Surcharge or Toll Paid: if any, amount charged shall be the same amount that was paid.
  • Delivery Service: same rate as single passenger unless vehicle hired by the hour


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