Senior MedExpress

Welcome to Senior MedExpress, the essential non-emergency medical transportation for Seniors.  Yellow Cab Co. of DC. is honored to be your new non-emergency medical service provider and we are committed to providing the highest level of transportation and customer service. Our experienced drivers pledge to transport you timely, safely and with the utmost care.

Who Is eligible: Residents of the District who are 60-years and older and have a medical condition requiring essential life-sustaining appointments, such as chemotherapy or dialysis or appointments for health-related public benefits are eligible for this free service. Medicaid clients are not eligible for the program.

How to enroll: Please call 202-724-5626 to enroll with one of DCOA’s customer service representatives from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  Applicants will be required to provide proof of age, DC residency and medical necessity. Applicants enrolling for transportation to public benefits not need to prove medical necessity. Click to download Application Form

To Request Service: Call 202-420 7533. Press 1 to book a new ride or to check on the status of an existing ride or press 2 to speak to a Customer Service representative.  The Calltaker will confirm that you are eligible for the service, request the purpose of the ride and confirm the telephone number, pickup and destination.

Hours of Service: The hours of service for Senior MedExpress is 6:00AM to 6:00PM daily but you may call us anytime to book a trip.

Type of Requests: You may request a trip for immediate pickup or you may schedule trips in advance.  You can also book the return trip in the same call if you know that the pickup time of the return will not change.  If you are not sure of the return time you should call us when you are ready.

Trip Dispatch: When the ride request is entered into the booking system, the automated dispatch system will dispatch the closest available taxicab to your pickup address will be dispatched promptly.  When the cab is dispatched and if you are using a smartphone you will receive a text along with a link to track the movement of the vehicle on your phone.  When the cab arrives you will receive a text and an automated phone call.  The driver may also call you directly.  If you need more time please let the driver know or call us and we will notify the driver.

Trip Monitoring: All booked trips are GPS-tracked and monitored by our Dispatch team.  Our team will immediately respond to any exceptions noted and provided guidance and support to the drivers as needed.

Wait Time: We expect our drivers to wait at least ten minutes after arriving for an Immediate trip or ten-minutes after the scheduled pickup time for a pre-booked trip.  Again, if you need more time please call us at 202-420 7533 and we will notify the driver.  If for any reason we are delayed in dispatching a cab timely we will periodically update you on our progress.  It is our goal to pickup you within 30-minutes for immediate trips and 100% on-time for all pre-booked trips.

Follow-Up on your Ride: Should you need to follow-up on your ride please call 202-420 7533 and select option1.  Please inform the Calltaker you are checking on the status of your ride and they can look it up by your telephone number, your name or pickup address.

Complaints/Comments: Should you need to file a complaint or comment on the service provided you may dial our 24/7 Customer Service (CS) number that is posted in the cab at 202-544 1214 or call 202-420 7533 and select option 2. Our CS staff will prepare an Incident Report which will be automatically distributed to the YCDC management team.  Our team will follow-up with you on the Incident Report within three-hours or immediate depending on the nature and seriousness of the complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions: Please click to see the responses to the most frequently asked questions on the service transition.