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Driver News  (Updated April 17, 2017)

DC TaxiApp: The DC TaxiApp is now in pilot mode. If you have not signed up yet expect to get an email on your smartphone from DC Taxi When opened follow the instructions to download the Driver App.  You can also go to Google Play or ITunes Store and download DC Taxi Driver app.   The new process is much simpler and can be completed in a few minutes. Click on this link to see set-up process

Once sign-up is completed on your smartphone hit “Go Online” be ready to take trips.  A marketing campaign will soon follow.  Stay signed-on to the app once you download it.  The DC TaxiApp supplements the YCDC dispatch system.  The next step will be to integrate the DC TaxiApp into the iCabbi dispatch system so all DC TaxiApp trips dispatched to YCDC driver will come through the YCDC tablet.

Riders can easily get the “DC Taxi Rider” app from the Google Play store or iTunes store and also from clicking on to send a download link directly to their smartphone.

DC TaxiApp Meeting: The Department of For Hire Vehicles will host a question & answer session about the DC TaxiApp on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 2235 Shannon Place, SE. DFHV has also updated their training video to help drivers learn more about the latest revisions. For help, email

Driver Payment Kiosk: Please be advised that the kiosk domain name is now Drivers are encouraged to submit feedback through the new Driver website.

Wallboard: In addition to the kiosk, a streaming video board will be installed in the lobby. The board will stream updates from the Yellow Cab website, social media platforms as well as keeping drivers informed of events and trip opportunities in the City. Any questions regarding the video board should be directed to Paul Williams

Sign-off at Shift Complete: Drivers are reminded to log out of the iCabbi application when their shift is completed to reduce data usage.

Transport DC: A recent poll was conducted and the majority of drivers voted that TDC trips should be charged full-meter rate. The results of the poll will be communicated to DFHV since they have a final say on whether we adopt fixed rates or full-metered rates. Drivers who would like to opt-out of Transport DC trips must send a formal request through the Feedback option on

Dropbox: Drivers that wish to drop off account vouchers are encouraged to take advantage of Account Invoice Drop Box located on the wall in the lobby above the Driver Kiosk. Simply place vouchers in an envelope with pertinent information (Name, PVIN, # of vouchers enclosed), and the voucher(s) will be collected periodically and redeemed by close of day. This box will become available to drivers 24/7 for drivers that cannot make it to the lot during regular business hours.

Rental Drivers: Many rental drivers switching in and out of rental cars are moving the tablets. Rental drivers are instructed NOT to remove the tablet from the vehicle when the rental is returned.

Direct Contact with Technicians: A direct line to the in-cab equipment technicians has been established. If you need assistance call 202-544 1213 and you should get live assistance Mon – Sat 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The line will roll to the Dispatcher line after hours. You are encouraged to open a Trouble ticket through so we can have a permanent record of the problem to prevent repeat issues.

New Telephone System: A new telephone system has been installed that allows drivers and passengers to communicate directly without publicly displaying their private numbers.  Upon accepting a trip, drivers can speak directly to the customer and vice versa through a new direct link.  The driver dials 202-869 1220 on their cellphone and the system will directly connect the driver to the telephone number listed on the trip. The customer will see YC’s taxi main number displayed (202-544 1212) and not the driver’s personal cellphone number.  The passenger can callback the 202-544 1212 number to be directly connected to the driver.  Also with the new system the passenger is notified when a driver accepts a trip or arrives at the designated pickup address. The passenger can cancel the trip from their phone thus reducing the number of no-shows.

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