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Yellow Cab News – Edition 20

Here is the latest edition of the YCDC Newsletter.

DFHV Newsletter

Here is the latest edition of the DFHV Newsletter

YCDC Latest News 

Implementation of New Dispatching System : The conversion from the current Pathfinder dispatch system to iCabbi wireless cloud application is nearing completion. The new dispatch system will have most of the capabilities of the current application and some significant upgrades to the call-taker, dispatch, driver and user functions.

The company and vendors have been working tirelessly to make this transition as seamless as possible. The conversion is a technological advancement that will improve communication and service for our customers and fleet. It will provide an upscale and interactive experience that will give the company a service advantage over the competition.

The system is comprised of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8-inch tablet Driver Information Module (DIM), which will replace the Vector 530 Mobile Data Terminal and the Verifone MX 925 Passenger Information Module (PIM), which replaced the Vector 800 credit card terminal for passengers to process payments

Schedule for Verifone PIM InstallationAbout 95% of the fleet has already converted to the new Verifone PIM. The feedback from the fleet and customers has been very positive about the new multiple-payment option back seat device.  If you are one of the few drivers with the old Vector 800 PIM please contact Paul Williams at (202) 546-7900 for schedule the system replacement.  The old credit card system will be terminated shortly.

Driver Training: We are currently conducting daily driver training classes on the new dispatch system and how it works with the new DIM. Educating drivers is an important and necessary part of this transition. Attending the driver training is mandatory before you will be scheduled for the installation of the new DIM.

Training classes are scheduled for twice daily (11 AM & 2 PM) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 2 PM only on Wednesdays. Drivers do not need to reserve a seat. It is on a first come, first serve basis. The classes are no more than 90-minutes long. Drivers that do not attend the training class will wait longer to receive the new DIM. Please contact Christopher Grayton (202) 546-7900 to sign-up.

New DIM Installation : The removal of the current MDT system and the installation of the new PIM in Dispatch cabs will start shortly. The installation plan is to pre-install the new DIM in at least 30-vehicles prior to the full conversion.  On day-four the new Dispatch system will be brought online.  The WebBooker, IVR and MobileBooker systems will remain on the old dispatch system and will be shut-down in phases.  The Dispatching staff will manage trips on both systems and transfer trips between the two systems based on the number of drivers operating within the old and new Dispatch system. We expect to convert about 20-cabs per day until all Dispatch drivers are converted to the new system.

Installations will start with drivers who completed in order of completion of the driver training classes. Paul Williams will contact trained drivers to schedule installation.  If you have already attended training classes you may call Paul to be listed on the installation schedule. DRIVERS WHO HAVE NOT ATTENDED THE TRAINING CLASS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  We encourage drivers to arrive on-time for their installation appointment and allow about one hour for the full removal and installation of the new DIM. You will receive a fully illustrated Driver’s Operating Guide upon installation.

Pricing : There is a one-time fee of $75.00 for the removal of the old MDT and cables, reprogramming of the meter and the installation of the new DIM. For drivers that still have not had the Verifone credit card terminal installed, there is a an additional $90.00 installation fee.  Drivers may finance the installation costs interest-free.  The company will provide the DIM, the data plan and peripheral equipment for a weekly MTS fee of $6.00 per week.  For no weekly MTS fee the driver may provide their own Samsung Galaxy Tab-E 8.0 tablet with an unlimited data plan.  The company will provide the peripheral equipment for free.

Transport DC Updates: Transport DC has established several new and revised protocols that went into effect as of October 1st:

  • Passengers would have no restrictions on Transport DC bookings during the first half of the month ending on the 15th.
  • For the second half of each month, booking requests would be granted solely based on availability and limited rides to medical and employment locations
  • Passengers may book a return trip in the same phone call
  • Passengers will have to wait 30-minutes after completing a trip before they can book another trips
  • Drivers must confirm that the trip is designated as Account 555 or 655. For Account 555 the passenger pays $5.00 and for 655 the passenger does not pay
  • Drivers must confirm the passenger’s Metro Access ID picture, name and ID number and the expiration date on the Metro Access ID has not lapsed

DFHV Town Hall Recap: The recent town hall provided the opportunity to share with for-hire industry stakeholders DFHV mission and their vision for leveraging technology to reduce operating costs. Several new initiatives, such as digital meters, online self-service portals, and streamlining the licensing process will decrease the burden of regulations. By adopting these measures, DFHV estimates that the cost to enter the business will go from almost $2,500 to under $300. The experience for passengers will also be enhanced by making payment seamless and allowing for direct feedback about the ride. Their objective is to enable the for-hire industry to be responsive to public preferences and use technological advances to benefit consumers and operators.

YCDC Online Payment : The Online Cashiering Portal was shut-down for maintenance.  The new and improved system will be back soon