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Yellow Cab News – Edition 20

Here is the latest edition of the YCDC Newsletter.

DCTC Regulatory Items

Safetrack Schedule: Click the Safetrack link to see the updated schedule. Click on the Station link and you will see more details about the work being performed and any restrictions.  Remember that Shared Ride rules will be effect within one-mile of the affected stations.  The Shared Ride rule is that all passengers must join at the same location and can go to separate destinations. The fare for each passenger is calculated by dropping the flag at (Hired on the meter) at the start of each leg of the the trip and closing the meter (Time Off/Hired) at the end of each leg of the trip.

New Backseat Installs: The mandatory replacement of the backseat Passenger Information Module (PIM) is in progress.  Call the Receptionist or Paul Williams or come into the office to schedule an installation appointment.  The equipment is being installed at VeriFone, YCDC ($90.00) and Bass & Treble ($130.00).  Drivers are responsible for paying the equipment installation costs.

Sensitivity Training: DC taxicab drivers are required to undergo Sensitivity Training in the basic tenants of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) as part of the new or renewing application process for a taxicab license (Face Card).  The multi-stage online training course was designed by industry experts and can be completed in phases at the drivers pace. Drivers will be notified when this training is ready for general use.  All YCDC drivers will be required to complete this training course

PVIN Number: Proposed rulemaking was approved in January to eliminate the historical fleet number painted on the taxicab.  The rulemaking states that at repainting the taxicab must display the public vehicle identification number (PVIN) on the rear of the vehicle and not the legacy taxicab number. That number is no longer tracked or used by the Office of Taxicabs.  In the same rulemaking all vehicles approved for extensions must be painted in the new color scheme. If your cab is painted red & gray you must have the PVIN on the rear of the vehicle.

DC Taxi App: The DC Taxi App has been in a limited rollout for the past few months.  Beginning April 1st all drivers must be signed in to the DC TaxiApp while on-duty.  Drivers must be signed on through their personal device or through a device provided by their PSP.  The app was designed specifically for DC taxicab drivers to compete in the new digital dispatch space with the likes of Uber and Lyft. Download the DCTaxi app from Google Play or iTunes stores. Follow the app registration steps, sign-on and get ready to receive your first trip. Drivers needing assistance with downloading, registering, training or getting the appropriate equipment for the app should seek assistance from their associated company

Delivery Service: DCTC is launching a pilot program in partnership with online ordering platform to offer consumers expanded access to on-demand delivery of food, laundry, and other goods and services. The soft launch of the program will initially focus on lunch-hour food delivery in select areas. The pilot will then expand to include more merchants and a broader range of service hours and coverage.  Drivers can sign-up for this program by calling or texting 202-888-3844

YCDC Online Payment

Click on the Online Cashiering Portal to make weekly payments, view payment history and deposit history.  If you have not registered as yet for this process you may do so by using your driver log-in used to sign-on to the MDT to access the portal and register.  You may Call Chris Williams at 202-546 7903 for assistance.  It is very easy and convenient.