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Driver News  (Updated August 14, 2017)

New Digital Meter Solution: Yellow Cab is now an approved Digital Taxicab Solution (DTS) provider. This new digital solution uses GPS to calculate taxicab fares using the same rates and replaces the hard-wired taximeter currently installed. The digital meter is part of the iCabbi driver app that is installed on the  Samsung Tab E tablet.  The digital meter is integrated to the Verifone PIM and functions the same as the hard-wired taximeter.

Conversion to the new digital meter started this past Thursday and will run from Monday – Friday between 9 AM – 4:00PM on a first come/first serve basis. Drivers coming for the installation should check in with the receptionist at the front desk.


  • The mandate for completing the conversion to digital taxicab meter is August 31, 2017. Drivers who are not converted by that date will be shutdown per directive from DFHV.
  • Drivers are required to sign a new one-year DTS agreement at the time of installment.
  • All previous MTS agreements are voided at the time of signing the new DTS agreement
  • The YC digital taxicab meter and payment solution is not affiliated with DFHV’s digital meter or Square
  • Drivers may bring their own tablet but it must be a Samsung Tab E 8 inch or equivalent with data plan. The tablet will be locked to the iCabbi application.

 NON DISPATCH PRICING: Non dispatch drivers will pay $20 per week for DTS fees and 2.75% on all credit transactions. The $20 covers data plans for DIM, PIM and direct deposit transfers 5 days a week. The installation cost for new drivers is $75.  There are no installation costs for current drivers. If you bring your own tablet, your weekly fee will be reduced to $14.

DISPATCH PRICING: Dispatch drivers will pay $10 per week for DTS fees and 2.75% on all credit transactions. Installation cost for new dispatch drivers is Free. If you bring your own tablet, your weekly DTS fee will be reduced to $4.00.

Vehicles On Demand (VOD Pilot) Notes: The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of For-Hire Vehicles Vehicles on Demand (VOD) pilot, which coincided with the launch of the DC TaxiApp on June 19th, is off to a positive start. The service being monitored by Yellow Cab, as well as Transco in a partnership to ensure government agencies use taxicabs for work-related trips instead of other private sources of transportation, has been greeted with very positive feedback. Thus far, the program’s success is expected to continue to bring an unprecedented number of dispatch trips to the industry. The entire staff at Yellow Cab are working tirelessly to keep all the moving parts of this effort running smoothly. We appreciate the driver’s dedicated participation and look forward to continued success in the coming months. As always, please reference the link below for assistance: or click to view and print the VOD Quick Reference Guide

DC TaxiApp Launch Integration Notes: The Yellow Cab staff is working at the forefront of assisting not only our drivers, but drivers around the entire District, on manual installation assistance. The dispatchers and staff have been training to assist drivers that may contact the DCTaxiApp call-in line. The city’s entire fleet has access to the staff at Yellow Cab for assistance on installation and training. Some assistance has also been given on in-car use. Please remember that all DC taxicab drivers must be signed into the DC TaxiApp on their smartphones or tablets while on duty.  Dispatcher drivers will have to use their smartphones as a secondary device.  Non-dispatch drivers could have the app loaded on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Sign-Up: If you have not already done so, sign up and claim your account with the DC TaxiApp for Drivers by going to http://driver.dctaxi.comon your mobile device. Download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and sign up. If you experiencing any issues going online and claiming your account. Here is a video and guide to get started:
  • Support: Send an e-mail to support@dctaxi.comwith your Face ID and an account manager will assist you within 24 hours.
  • Payment: To find out about payments click on this link:
  • Resource: To view and read the entire help resource for drivers click on this link:

Incentive Program Rewards:  See new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Incentive grant being rolled out by DFHVJune 30th Press Release

DFHV Vehicle Retirement Requirement Revision: Official revisions have been made to the DFHV’s original mandate stating that all for-hire vehicles 2008 and older must be removed from service by July 31st, 2017. July 26th Press Release.

Here is Q & A on this policy.  Answers provided by DFHV

Q: If drivers had the inspection done in 2016 do they have to remove their vehicle from service on 7/31/17 or when the 2016 inspection renewal ends in 2017?

A: The vehicle can remain in service until the inspection expiration date in 2017. Example: If vehicle was inspected in Dec 2016 it can remain on the road until Dec 2017.

Q: Drivers have already gone in for inspections in 2017 and the new inspection expiration date is in 2018…please advise who to do in that case

A: Model year 2008 vehicles were required to have been replaced by 1/1/17 or their 2017 DMV inspection date—whichever is later.  If these vehicles have already been inspected in 2017 they need to be replaced immediately and will be deactivated after 7/31/17.

Q: Since DMV is issuing 2-year registrations some drivers have registrations expiring in 2018 and 2019 and inspections expiring in 2018…please advise what to do in that case

A: The regulations track the annual DMV inspection date, not the registration.  Regardless of when the vehicle’s registration expires, if it is a model year 2008 vehicle and does not have an extension, it cannot continue to be operated as a taxicab after its 2017 DMV inspection. 

Q: Is there a drop-dead date that all 2008 must be off the street regardless of extension, registration or inspection date?

A: No 2008 vehicles may be on the road after 12/31/17. 

New Transport DC Service Revision: Effective August 15, 2017, DFHV’s Transport DC program services will be limited only to trips to and from medical facilities and employment locations in the District until the end of the fiscal year. Riders must call 1-844-322-7732 for each trip at least 30 minutes before the pick-up time and there will be a waiting time between bookings of about 30 minutes. This service will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

New Transport DC Option Under The Extras Button: There is new Transport DC option under extras button for passengers who want to pay the trip fee ($5.00) with a credit card. The new procedure is:

  • to complete the trip on the DIM, start the meter, hit TIME-OFF
  • go to the Extras option on the DIM, scroll down and select Transport DC
  • hit the Plus (+) sign once, hit SUBMIT and the $1.50 amount will be added to the fare amount.
  • The PIM will now show $5.00 and the passenger can pay by credit card.
  • You will not be charged the $0.25 surcharge for this trip.

DC TaxiApp Launch Integration Notes: The Yellow Cab staff is assisting drivers to install the app on their personal phones. All DC taxicabs drivers must have the DC TaxiApp loaded on their phones and operational while working.

Transport DC Events: The next scheduled Transport DC event, DCOA Craciously Supports the 5th Annual Ninetenth Street Baptist Church Block Party, will be held Saturday, August 18th from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM at 4606 16th Street NW – Ward 4.

Driver Arrived Procedure on iCabbi: You must be in the vicinity of the pickup address when you hit Arrive and in the vicinity of the destination when you hit ‘Submit’ to close a trip. If you call the passenger upon accepting the trip and get no answer you must contact the Dispatcher by message “Cancel No Answer” to handle. If the passenger changes the destination you must call the Dispatcher to update the trip information before you get to the destination.

Contacting the Dispatcher on Duty: We have to collectively reduce the number of telephone calls to the Dispatcher.  The best way to reach the dispatcher is through standard messages or text.  Telephone communication should be the last option. For custom messaging, click anywhere in the blank window and type a message on the pop-up keyboard. When done, click the BACK button (that looks like a UTURN symbol) to remove the keyboard, then press OK.

Direct Contact with Technicians: If you need live assistance call 202-544 1213 Mon – Sat 9:00AM to 5:00PM to speak directly to a technician. After hours the line will forward to the Dispatcher.  You are encouraged to open a Trouble ticket through so there is a history of the problem to prevent repeat issues.

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