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Driver News  (Updated June 19, 2017)

DC TaxiApp Launch Mandate: As of June 19th, all DC taxicab drivers must be signed into the DC TaxiApp on their smartphones or tablets while on duty.  Dispatcher drivers will have to use their smartphones as a secondary device.  Non-dispatch drivers could have the app loaded on a smartphone or tablet. If a hack inspector observes that you are not signed into the app you will get a warning for the first incident and a ticket for any future incident.

  • Sign-Up: If you have not already done so, sign up and claim your account with the DC TaxiApp for Drivers by going to on your mobile device. Download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and sign up. If you experiencing any issues going online and claiming your account. Here is a video and guide to get started:
  • Support: Send an e-mail to with your Face ID and an account manager will assist you within 24 hours.
  • Payment: To find out about payments click on this link:
  • Resource: To view and read the entire help resource for drivers click on this link:

Vehicles On Demand (VOD Pilot): Under an advisory from the Mayor, the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are initiating a Vehicles on Demand (VOD) pilot to coincide with the launch of the DC TaxiApp on June 19th. Starting that date, several City agencies will begin using taxicabs for work-related trips instead of other private sources of transportation.  These trips will be dispatched through the DC TaxiApp and will be full-metered fares with a 10% tip and $2.00 per trip incentive for the initial rollout.  The trips have a 10-minute service level from dispatch to accept. It is imperative that we run these trips and help bring more trips back to the industry.  Please use this link to view a video: or click to view and print the VOD Quick Reference Guide

In-House Training For App Use: The staff at Yellow Cab will continue to make themselves available to train drivers the new application, as well as the new VOD pilot. However, since there won’t be a daily scheduled class moving forward, drivers that need assistance should call ahead to make an appointment. You can contact Paul Williams or Chris Grayton directly to schedule a private training session.

Barbara Armes Memorial Scholarship Fund: We would like to thank all that participated to the Barbara Armes Memorial Scholarship Fund this year. Thanks to all of your very generous donations, the Armes family was able to financial support to two young men from Greater Mount Nebo AME Church that will be enrolling in universities this coming Fall. You can stay informed about the progress of these two scholars, as well as all prior scholarship awardees, by visiting Leroy Armes’ Facebook page.

Corporate Account Procedure: Drivers are advised that they should always close account trips on their tablets by entering the VOUCHER NUMBER, (RED NUMBER IN UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER) instead of the account number. Continuing to enter the wrong information in this field will delay the payment process.

Safe Ride (July 4th): Our next Safe Ride program is from 9 PM on Tuesday, July 4th until 2 AM Wednesday July 5th for the Independence Day holiday. This program is a public service event sponsored by Yellow Cab Company. Patrons from any DC bar or restaurant (21 years and older) wishing safe transportation home to will get a free ride up to $20.00. The passenger will be responsible for paying any fare exceeding the $20.00 limit.

Transport DC Events (This Week): The next Transport DC event, The Mayor’s 6th Annual Senior Symposium, will be held Tuesday, June 20th from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM at Frank W. Ballou Senior high School (3401 4th Street, SE 20032 – Ward 8). For any information regarding these events, please contact Chris Grayton.

Driver Arrived Procedure on iCabbi: Drivers, the rule we discussed in training about pressing arrived when in front of the building is now active. You must be in front of the building to hit arrived. If a destination changes with the passenger, let us know immediately so that dispatch can update destination before you arrive.

Contacting the Dispatcher on Duty: The best to reach the dispatcher on duty is through the BASE button, which is located in the upper left hand corner of the tablet screen. Once you click BASE, you will be able to request a call or text message from the dispatcher. If you would like to text the dispatcher, you will have the option to send a custom message or a predefined message for rapid messaging. For custom messaging, click anywhere in the blank window and type a message on the pop-up keyboard. When done, click the BACK button (that looks like a UTURN symbol) to remove the keyboard, then press OK.

Direct Contact with Technicians: A direct line to the in-cab equipment technicians has been established. If you need assistance call 202-544 1213 and you should get live assistance Mon – Sat 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The line will roll to the Dispatcher line after hours. You are encouraged to open a Trouble ticket through so we can have a permanent record of the problem to prevent repeat issues.

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