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Yellow Cab News  (Updated November 27, 2016)

Implementation of New Dispatching System: The implementation of the new iCabbi Dispatch system is complete. The new system has been an overall success but there are still additional features in development and will be rolled out as completed and fully tested.   We will update you via this page of the new features.

Driver TrainingThere are no more formal classes.  Driver training is ongoing.  If you need a refresher class just come to the office and someone will assist you. Drivers are advised to read and refer to the User Guide for basic operational functions. The staff at Yellow Cab is dedicated to providing 24/7 technical support to our drivers. Our Dispatchers are currently being trained in methods to troubleshoot driver issues during non-business hours to prevent extended periods of downtime. If drivers have technical issues during non-business hours, please call Dispatch at 202-546-7904.

Ongoing Maintenance: We are aware that certain tablet operational issues will occur. We encourage all drivers to report these issues to the Dispatcher or the Yellow Cab staff so that we resolve them as quickly as possible and further educate ourselves on how to create more comprehensive troubleshooting methods.

Payment Issues: We are also aware of certain driver payment issues have reoccurred during this conversion. Any issues with payments can continue to be directed to the front desk or account manager Chris Williams.

Pricing : There is a one-time fee of $75.00 for the removal of the old MDT and cables, reprogramming of the meter and the installation of the new DIM and a $6.00 weekly MTS Fee. The installation charges that drivers requested to be financed have not been posted to the driver shop accounts yet.  The MTS Fee weekly payment is being applied weekly to all dispatch drivers.

Bracket Sale: There have been 7 lost tablets to date.  The replacement cost for the tablet and case is $225.00.  We have acquired some locking brackets for sale at cost. Any drivers that wish to buy a key-locked tablet bracket ($45) or a battery charged tablet bracket ($155) from the company should contact Paul Williams.

Features of the New Dispatch System: Here are a few features of the new Dispatch system and DIM (tablet)

  • In-cab equipment on the driver-side (DIM) and passenger-side (PIM) are now full wireless so there is no more out-of-range concerns
  • GPS position of the vehicle is now updated every 3-seconds versus 30-seonds. This change allows for more precise dispatching to the closest driver. Improved customer service
  • Passengers receive a text message to their cellphone when the vehicle is dispatched and when the driver arrives. They also receive a link with the text message that they can use to tack the movement of the cab. They will know if you are coming to them or driving away from them
  • There is an Electronic Manifest of all trips run and you are no longer required to complete a paper manifest.  Go to Bookings/My Jobs/Previous Bookings to see the list of completed trips.  Tap on any trip to see the details.
  • Bidding on “Reserved Trips” is no longer the fastest finger. It is now based on the same Dispatch logic used to award bids on the ASAP trips. Fairer distribution of trips
  • Alerts are sent to the Dispatcher if the vehicle is not travelling to the Pickup location or not progressing maybe because of traffic
  • Alerts are sent to the Dispatcher for No-show and Trips Completion attempted prior to the pickup location
  • Trip Destination is not provided until the passenger is on-board and the meter is Hired
  • Extras can be entered from the DIM (tablet) including Tolls and Tips. The meter will be automatically updated with the Extras information
  • Customer can pay by Card if the credit card system (PIM) times out or if the customer was intending to pay by Cash and had closed the PIM. See Recall transaction n the Driver User Guide
  • Print Last Receipt function is available again
  • Drivers must enter the number of Passengers (PPL) at the end of each trip and for Corporate Account trips must enter the Voucher NumberASAP and Reserved Trips granted to a driver are confirmed by messages. Those messages are stored in the MSG section of the tablet. No need to call the dispatcher
  • Drivers can communicate to the Dispatcher directly through the Customer messages on the tablet. See Driver Guide for more instructions


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