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Driver Service News  (Updated January 9, 2017)

Ongoing Support: The Dispatchers were provided with a Troubleshooting Guide to assist with equipment or software issues during non-office hours. Please come on-site during office hours and have one of our technicians assist you.

Bracket Sale: The replacement cost for the tablet and case is $225.00.  We have acquired some locking brackets for sale at cost. Any drivers wishing to buy a key-locked tablet bracket ($45) or a battery charged tablet bracket ($155) from the company should contact Paul Williams.

Software Update: All non-dispatch drivers with a Centrodyne meter, please report to the office during business hours for a mandatory updated. This will update the iCabbi application payment screen

Transport-DC:  There have been several changes to the Transport DC program over the past few months that drivers need to be aware of. These changes include:

  • Participants may ride anywhere in the city from the 1st of the month to the 15th
  • Participants may ride to medical appointments and to place of employment from the 16th until the end of the month, Participants may ride from their place of employment or the medical appointment to any destination in the city during this period.
  • Participants may take up to two additional passengers at no extra charge.

Please contact Chris Grayton for any questions regarding Transport DC

PSA Video: There is currently a mandated PSA Video playing on the VeriFone backseat device promoting a Mayoral message about DC statehood.  Some passengers have complained about the content and volume of the video.  Please advise the customer that they can hit Settings and then press Mute to mute the sound or Volume to adjust the volume level

WAV Inspection: This is a reminder that all wheelchair accessible vehicles must be inspected once weekly by Yellow Cab personnel. Failure to report for your inspection can result in suspension of dispatch privileges and/or removal from WAV program. Please contact Paul Williams for questions

Operating Authority Application for Independent Taxicab Owner Operators: Taxicab Operators (Drivers) with their name displayed on the door of the vehicle must apply for Operating Authority by January 21, 2017.  Click here to access the DFHV web site to see the instruction summary and the online application.

YCDC Online Payment : The new Online Cashiering Portal is now in service.  Drivers can now resume logging in to pay their weekly note, print their previous insurance sticker or check their financial history. Please contact Paul Williams if you need assistance accessing your account.

Click the icon below to see the payment flow chart and operating instructions
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