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Driver News  (Updated February 20, 2017)

Ongoing Support: There is now onsite support for DIM and PIM issues Monday thru Saturday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM.  The Dispatchers were provided with a Troubleshooting Guide to assist with equipment or software issues during non-office hours.

Transport-DC:  There have been several changes to the Transport DC program over the past few months that drivers need to be aware of. These changes include:

  • Participants may ride anywhere in the city from the 1st of the month to the 15th
  • Participants may ride to medical appointments and to place of employment from the 16th until the end of the month, Participants may ride from their place of employment or the medical appointment to any destination in the city during this period.
  • Participants may take up to two additional passengers at no extra charge.

Please contact Chris Grayton for any questions regarding Transport DC

WAV Inspection: This is a reminder that all wheelchair accessible vehicles must be inspected once weekly by Yellow Cab personnel. Failure to report for your inspection can result in suspension of dispatch privileges and/or removal from WAV program. Please contact Paul Williams for questions

Double Parking: We are aware that parking spots are limited and finding suitable parking at the Yellow Cab lot can be difficult during the business day. However, we are asking drivers to restrain from double parking when tending to business at Yellow Cab. It creates unnecessary congestion and only perpetuates the problem. If needed, there is overflow parking on R Street at all times.

1099K: The 1099’s for driver credit card charges in 2016 are available at the front desk during business hours. If you need a duplicate of any previous year’s 1099, a copy can be produced for $5.00.

Social Media: Check out the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on company and industry news, local events, and more. Drivers are also encouraged to keep our staff informed of any events that we may add it to the page. Our goal is to keep our drivers fully informed to improve both circulation and revenue. Drivers can contact Paul Williams with suggestions and story contributions.

ACH Payments: The bank has increased the fees for credit card swipes and depositing paper checks into the bank. To avoid this additional expense we are converting all credit card and check payments into ACH transactions. Drivers who pay weekly by check must make sure that the check presented is from the same account that your credit card funds are deposited. If the check is from a different account you will either have to pay by Cash or deposit that check into the credit card funds account by the next business day.

New Telephone System: A new telephone system has been installed that allows drivers and passengers to communicate directly without publicly displaying their private numbers.  Upon accepting a trip, drivers can speak directly to the customer and vice versa through a new direct link.  The driver dials 202-869 1220 on their cellphone and the system will directly connect the driver to the telephone number listed on the trip. The customer will see YC’s taxi main number displayed (202-544 1212) and not the driver’s personal cellphone number.  The passenger can callback the 202-544 1212 number to be directly connected to the driver.

Also with the new system the passenger is notified when a driver accepts a trip or arrives at the designated pickup address. The passenger can cancel the trip from their phone thus reducing the number of no-shows.

YCDC Online Payment: The new Online Cashiering Portal is now in service. Drivers can pay the full amount due through the new online cashiering portal from your smartphone or personal computer. Go to and enter your Face ID and the last 4-digits of your cellphone to sign-in.  The payment receipt and insurance sticker will be sent to your phone or computer. You can also check your daily deposits and payment history on the portal.

We are installing a payment kiosk in the office lobby for drivers to pay online and print their receipts.   The kiosk should be operational in two weeks.

Click the icon below to see the payment flow chart and operating instructions
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