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Applicant is (Corporation/Partnership/Individual Proprietor) and undersigned is an Officer/Partner/Authorized Person thereof authorized to make the application and to certify that the above statements are true.

In the event applicant becomes delinquent in the account, applicant agrees that Yellow Cab Company of the District of Columbia, Inc. (YCDC) shall have the right to bring suit against applicant and if this occurs applicant agrees to pay the cost of collection including reasonable attorney fees in suit by YCDC.

Applicant further agrees to give YCDC permission to make inquiry on financial matters at applicant’s bank, bonding company or lending firm, and authorizes such firms to give it to YCDC. It is agreed that invoices will be paid by due date or a 1.50% per month late charge is acceptable.

Account will be billed at the end of each month. A service fee of 15% will be added to the total monthly charge. Payment is due within thirty days of the billing date. Copies of vouchers and a detailed trip listing will be included with the monthly statement. Account will contact YCDC immediately at 202-546 7900 to report any unauthorized use of this account.

By submitting the applicant acknowledges agreement to the terms, conditions and disclosures, which are part of this application.

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