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Driver News (July 15, 2019)

T2R Taxi-to-Rail Pilot Program Update: The Taxi-to-Rail (T2R) pilot program will now cover up to $10.00 for passengers instead of being a $3.00 flat rate. Once the trip surpasses $10.00 on the meter, the passenger will be responsible for paying for the rest of the trip out of pocket. The program still only services DC residents of Ward 7 and Ward 8 in the 20019, 20020, and 20032 zip codes. Residents of Ward 7 & 8 can use the program to go from their homes to the Deanwood, Minnesota Avenue, Capitol Heights, Benning Road, Anacostia, Congress Heights, Southern Avenue, and Naylor Road Metro stations. Users can book trip by Phone, Online (Web) and through the DC Yellow Cab Mobile App.

Resume Button: Drivers, please DO NOT press the RESUME button when a passenger requests a copy of their credit card receipt. This cancels the payment and creates extra work for you and the creates a headache for the customer. The correct way to print a copy of a credit card receipt is for the driver to press the ACCOUNT button then press 100.

Inform The DFHV of Renewals: When drivers renew their face, driver’s license, vehicle registration or vehicle inspection, please make it a habit to call the DFHV to inform them. Their records are not always accurate, which leads to inadvertent shut downs in the system. They can be reached at (202) 645-6018.

SMS Payment Instruction: SMS payment options are available for drivers that have upgraded to iCabbi version 11.91. Passengers will be given the SMS payment option on the tablet. From there, the driver will enter the customer’s mobile telephone number. All dispatch customers will have their mobile number automatically populate on the screen. Please remind the customer that if they booked with their home phone number, they will need to replace it with their mobile phone number. From there, press the DONE button, then the SEND button. The customer will then receive a text message with a link where they can enter their credit card information. Once that is completed, the driver will receive the completed payment information on their tablet. Please note that passengers will not be able to add a tip at the end. If a passenger wishes to tip a driver when using SMS payment, politely remind them to do so on the EXTRAS screen prior to entering their mobile phone number.

New Child Seat Laws: DC has updated and made very defined rules as to how small children children are permitted to ride as a passenger in all vehicles, taxicabs included. Please become familiar with the  guidelines to § 50–1703 to avoid being out of compliance next time you have a young passenger. Read here.

H & I Street NW – Summer 2019 Bus Lanes Pilot: Until September 27, 2019, a bus lane pilot is coming to H and I Streets NW downtown between Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street NW. During this period, the right curb‐side lane will operate as a bus lane during the AM and PM peak periods, from 7AM‐9:30AM and 4PM‐6:30PM on weekdays. Road markings and signage will mark the right‐hand curbside lanes on H and I Streets as “Bus Only,” and red paint will be applied to the pavement. Red paint on the road anywhere in the District means the lane is restricted to buses or other authorized users for at least part of the day. Signs will indicate when restrictions apply. The pilot will run until the end of September 2019.

Memorial Day Service: Yellow Cab Co. had the privileged of transporting World War II veteran Leroy Tonic & his family to the Roll Of Honor ceremony this Memorial Day. The event, headed by DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, was to recognize not only Tonic’s military service, but also to celebrate his career serving his country working for the DC government. See more here. 

eReceipt: Customers can now send themselves a copy of their receipt from the back seat device by using the “eReceipt by Curb” button. After selecting a payment option, customers will see an eReicept by Curb button option on the backseat device. The customer will then enter their mobile phone number and press ENTER. After that, they will receiver a text message with a link that will take them to their eReceipt. Customers will still have the option to receive a hard copy of the receipt after a payment option has been selected. The driver will still receive the PRINT RECEIPT prompt on their tablet after the customer’s payment option has been selected.

Bluetooth Dome Light Control Switch Installation:  Any cab without an installed controller is now out of compliance with DFHV mandate and are subject to penalty.  Per the DFHV mandate, Yellow Cab is authorized to place any vehicle to an inactive status that does not have a device installed. The devices can be installed at Bass & Treble (immediately) or at Yellow Cab.   Any queries and concerns about this policy should be directly communicated to DFHV. The devices are $65 per unit and $30 for installation.  Please pickup the unit from YCDC’s office.

2010 Vehicle Waiver Procedure:  Taxicab operators who have vehicles that are older than eight (8) model years but less than ten (10) model years may complete an application to waive the eight-year vehicle age retirement requirement. Administrative Issuance AI-2019-01 outlines the eligibility criteria and procedures to obtain a waiver.

Submit a waiver application here. The charge is $100.00, which includes the license renewal fee. If you have any questions, you may call (202) 645-7300; or email

Customer Telephone Number: For privacy reasons the customer telephone or callback number will no longer appear on the trip screen.  Instead the same telephone number (202-869 1220) will be listed in the “Phone” field for every trip.  This “Callback Customer” number is the direct connection between the driver and passenger. This new secured process hides the telephone number for both the customer and driver and every call is recorded.

YCDCPay Browser Update: Yellow Cab management is aware of the technical issues with We are asking drivers to use Google Chrome when accessing the website. We have found that other browsers are not currently compatible with the platform.

  • When 202-869 1220 is called the driver and customer will be directly connected through the Yellow Cab telecom network.  Please save this number in your favorites.
  • The driver will hear the following message “Welcome to DC Yellow Cab we will now connect you to your fare”.
  • The customer will see “Yellow Cab Co. 202-544 1212”on the Caller ID.
  • If the customer misses the call they can directly connect to the driver by calling back the 202-544 1212 number.
  • If “Welcome to DC Yellow Cab what is your pickup address?” is heard then the cell number being used is not the number listed in the Driver profile.
  • Call the Dispatcher or the Office and request them to update the telephone number in the Driver profile.

Credit Card Reimbursement Schedule

  • Yellow Cab sends money to the drivers prior to receiving it from the credit card processor.
  • Yellow Cab has no control of the day or time that the deposits to your bank is available to you. We can only control when YC releases the funds to be deposited. (See Schedule above)
  • Title 31 regulation states that ALL DTS must provide funds to the drivers within 24-hours of receiving it from the credit card processor.
  • Yellow Cab is the only DTS that pays drivers every business day.

YCDC Driver Online Resource: Driver training materials were added to the dedicated driver web site and will use site as the main source for driver communication and online sharing resource.

One Stop Cards Available Online: Moving forward, One-stop forms will be available for drivers via the Yellow Cab Company portal. Drivers will also be permitted to submit one-stop forms online. Here are the online procedures on how to access and submit the forms online.

Taxi Butler:  There are now 30 Taxi Butler locations throughout the city. Here is a list of locations with the installed Taxi Butler device.

  • Fairfield Inn – 2305 New York Avenue NE
  • Hotel Arboretum -1917 Bladensburg Road NE
  • Courtyard Marriott – 1325 2nd Street NW
  • Homewood Suites – 465 New York Avenue NW
  • Pod DC Hotel – 627 H Street NW
  • Hampton Inn Hotel – 501 New York Avenue NE
  • Hampton Inn and Suites, Navy Yard – 1265 First Street SE
  • Avenue Suites Georgetown – 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Hilton Garden Inn – 1225 First Street NE
  • Willard Intercontinental Hotel – 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Intercontinental Washington DC – 801 Wharf Street SW
  • Hampton Inn Washington DC White House – 1729 H Street NW
  • Hotel Hotel– 2224 F Street NW
  • Greenbriar Condominiums – 4301 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Kimpton George Hotel – 15 E Street NW
  • Knollwood Military Retirement Community – 6200 Oregon Avenue NW
  • The Kennedy-Warren – 3133 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Homewood Suites – 1475 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Residence Inn – 333 E Street SE
  • Hyatt Place – 24 N Street NE
  • Holiday Inn/White House – 1501 Rhode Island Avenue NW
  • Washington Marriott Wardman Park – 2660 Woodley Road NW
  • The River Inn – 924 25th Street NW
  • The Kenmore – 5415 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Hyatt Place/White House – 1522 K Street NW
  • Hyatt Place/National Mall – 400 E Street SW
  • The Watergate Hotel – 2650 Virginia Avenue NW
  • The W Hotel – 515 15th Street NW
  • Foxhall Medicine – 3301 New Mexico Avenue NW
  • The Ritz-Carlton – 3100 South Street NW
Will Take Years For Uber To Profit: Uber has reported suffering nearly $1 billion in loss in the first three months of this year. Now, Chief Technology Officer Thuan Pham has reported that he believe is will be years before the ride-sharing startup turns any profit. History of steep losses, slow revenue growth and stiff competition has scared off investors, killing chances of profits in the near future. While Uber looks to its future in self-driving vehicles and air taxis to boost its market profile, the immediate future continues to suffer. Read the CNN Business article here.
Report Accuses NYC Medallion Brokers of Misleading Drivers: As part of the attempted restoration of the NYC taxicab business, Mayor Bill de Blasio has began rooting out crooked medallion brokers.  After a 45-day review of the brokering system, it was determined that many brokers preyed on buyers, charging an inflated price with knowledge that the value would falter. 300 drivers were surveyed for this report. All drivers surveyed had medallion debt of around $500,000, much higher than the current going rate of a medallion in 2019. Nearly two thirds of those drivers report than their loan had been taken over by a credit union. Read the New York Post article here. 
NYC Government Must Fix Mess It Created: In the past year or so, New York City has taken steps to help restore their once taxicab service. However, more than 2,500 taxicab drivers are still in default and facing foreclosure. Despite the city’s efforts to help the fledgling industry, it was a series negligent moves that created the  eventual downfall. That is why New York City must go above and beyond to restore the taxicab industry to its previous glory. Read the Daily News editorial here.  
Longtime NYC Debt Collector Arrested: For years, Anthony Medina has had a reputation for his effective, yet brutal, tactics. Employed by banks to go after taxicab drivers that had fallen behind on payments, Mr. Medina has been the go-to man that would ensure monies owed were collect at any costs. His threatening methods included anything from seizing cars to reportedly flashing weapons. Last week, the New York City Sheriff’s office finally arrested Anthony Medina for impersonating a City Marshal. Read the New York Times article here.
‘Sami’s Law’ Now In Effect In New Jersey: New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy signed a bill Thursday putting Sami’s Law into effect for all ride-share entities.  This law is an increased safety measure that states that all ride-sharing vehicles must now have their signage and drivers must carry bar coded identification. Sami’s Law comes on the heels of the disappearance and murder of Samantha Josephson, a University of South Carolina student that got in a vehicle she believed to be her Uber back in March. Her body was found the next day 90 miles away from the campus bar she was picked up at. Read the North article here. 
DeBlasio Appoints Roth NYC Taxi Commissioner: Three months after Meera Joshi vacated his seat atop the TLC, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has appointed Jeff Roth as the new commissioner of the Taxi & Limousine Commission.  Roth previously served as the TLC deputy commissioner and deputy commissioner of city Veterans’ Services. This comes on the heels of Mayor de Blasio’s announcement that harsh regulations are being slapped on Uber & Lyft in New York City, including  extending the cap on new for-hire vehicles. Read the Daily News article here.   

Easter Seals Taxicab Operator GuideThis pocket guide covers driver responsibilities for serving passengers under the ADA, disability etiquette, mobility aids, assisting customers with service animals, and passenger responsibilities.

Taxicab ADA Brochure Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi PDF version: This brochure outlines in question and answer format taxicab companies’ responsibilities under the ADA and is geared toward managers and owners.

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