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Driver News (March 25, 2019)

*LAST WEEK* 2010 Vehicle Deadline Rapidly Approaching: The one time extension granted by the DFHV allowing all 2010 vehicles to stay in commission is coming to an end.  If you are still driving a 2010 or older, you will be out of compliance of DFHV regulation as of April 1st, 2019. . Please contact the DHFV with any further questions. Please reference Administrative Issuance AI-2018-08 for further information.

*CRITICAL* Bluetooth Dome Light Control Switch Installation: Per DFHV mandate Title 31 DCMR 802.2(b) and 602.18(a), every taxicab is required to have an operational Bluetooth Domelight Controller installed. *UPDATE* DFHV has updated the deadline for this initiative to April 30th, 2019. On May 1st, any cab without an installed controller will be place out of service until the unit is installed. Per the DFHV mandate, Yellow Cab is authorized to place any vehicle to an inactive status that does not have an installed unit by May 1st.  The devices can be installed at Bass & Treble (immediately) or at Yellow Cab (from March 5th). Drivers who do not have the installed unit are urged to do so now.  This policy is a compliance mandate from DFHV and Yellow Cab intends to fully comply.  Any queries and concerns about this policy should be directly communicated to DFHV. The devices are $65 per unit and $30 for installation.  Please pickup the unit from YCDC’s office.

Disregard Message From 3/25/19: Please disregard a message regarding a lost account that circulated on the afternoon of Monday, March 25th. The message was in regards to a Taxi Butler location, that has since been re-instated, not a corporate account.

Customer Telephone Number: For privacy reasons the customer telephone or callback number will no longer appear on the trip screen.  Instead the same telephone number (202-869 1220) will be listed in the “Phone” field for every trip.  This “Callback Customer” number is the direct connection between the driver and passenger. This new secured process hides the telephone number for both the customer and driver and every call is recorded.

  • When 202-869 1220 is called the driver and customer will be directly connected through the Yellow Cab telecom network.  Please save this number in your favorites.
  • The driver will hear the following message “Welcome to DC Yellow Cab we will now connect you to your fare”.
  • The customer will see “Yellow Cab Co. 202-544 1212”on the Caller ID.
  • If the customer misses the call they can directly connect to the driver by calling back the 202-544 1212 number.
  • If “Welcome to DC Yellow Cab what is your pickup address?” is heard then the cell number being used is not the number listed in the Driver profile.
  • Call the Dispatcher or the Office and request them to update the telephone number in the Driver profile.

Cherry Blossom Cab Decals: Yellow Cab Company of DC and the National Cherry Blossom Festival are partnering in promotional efforts in the coming weeks. Please pick up a Cherry Blossom Festival decal to display on your cab at the front window during business hours.

Credit Card Reimbursement Schedule

  • Yellow Cab sends money to the drivers prior to receiving it from the credit card processor.
  • Yellow Cab has no control of the day or time that the deposits to your bank is available to you. We can only control when YC releases the funds to be deposited. (See Schedule above)
  • Title 31 regulation states that ALL DTS must provide funds to the drivers within 24-hours of receiving it from the credit card processor.
  • Yellow Cab is the only DTS that pays drivers every business day.

YCDC Driver Online Resource: Driver training materials were added to the dedicated driver web site and will use site as the main source for driver communication and online sharing resource.

One Stop Cards Available Online: Moving forward, One-stop forms will be available for drivers via the Yellow Cab Company portal. Drivers will also be permitted to submit one-stop forms online. Here are the online procedures on how to access and submit the forms online.

Taxi Butler:  There are now 26 Taxi Butler locations throughout the city. Here is a list of locations with the installed Taxi Butler device.

  • Fairfield Inn – 2305 New York Avenue NE
  • Hotel Arboretum -1917 Bladensburg Road NE
  • Courtyard Marriott – 1325 2nd Street NW
  • Homewood Suites – 465 New York Avenue NW
  • Pod DC Hotel – 627 H Street NW
  • Hampton Inn Hotel – 501 New York Avenue NE
  • Hampton Inn and Suites, Navy Yard – 1265 First Street SE
  • Avenue Suites Georgetown – 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Hilton Garden Inn – 1225 First Street NE
  • Willard Intercontinental Hotel – 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Intercontinental Washington DC – 801 Wharf Street SW
  • Hampton Inn Washington DC White House – 1729 H Street NW
  • Hive Hotel – 2224 F Street NW
  • Greenbriar Condominiums – 4301 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Kimpton George Hotel – 15 E Street NW
  • SEI Restaurant – 444 7th Street NW
  • The Kennedy-Warren – 3131 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Homewood Suites – 1475 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Residence Inn – 333 E Street SE
  • Hyatt Place – 24 N Street NE
  • Holiday Inn/White House – 1501 Rhode Island Avenue NW
  • Washington Marriott Wardman Park – 2660 Woodley Road NW
  • The River Inn – 924 25th Street NW
  • The Kenmore – 5405 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Hyatt Place/White House – 1522 K Street NW
  • Hyatt Place/National Mall – 400 E Street SW




Uber Drivers Hope To Unionize For Better Pay: As Uber continue to take a establish itself as the gold standard for all ride-sharing platforms across the globe, they are facing a pivotal crossroads with their drivers as the company prepares to go public.  An over saturation of Uber drivers, which has resulted in poor hourly wages after expenses, has sparked unrest. A May 2018 report published by the Economic Policy Institute found the median wage for an Uber driver after expenses and fees is about $9.21 per hour, less than minimum wage. Now, drivers are rallying to unionize to demand better compensation. Read the The Guardian article here.

Seattle Tax Plan For TNCs Still Work In Progress: A plan proposed by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan & her advisers, that was designed to tax TNCs (transportation-network companies) such as Uber & Lyft, started circulating months ago. According to public record, the SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation) has been working on this proposal since August. The hope was to help ease the congested traffic caused, in part, by the emergence of TNCs. However, the number of trips by TNCs still rise as the proposed tax plan has yet to be implemented. Read the Seattle Times article here.

Ride-Hailing Startup For Sale: Juno, the self-described third player in the NYC ride-hailing market, is officially on the market. Despite claiming $270 million in revenue in 2018, a person close to the situation claim Juno is losing $1 million per day. uno CEO Ronen Ben-David said in an affidavit filed March 12 in New York State Supreme Court that Juno had “incurred significant increased costs” to comply with the city’s pay rules, but that both ridership and average hourly pay to drivers had declined.Read the Quartz article here.

MTA Announces Expanded Taxi Roles: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced this week their intention to expand on several initiatives to give a boost to NYC’s struggling taxicab business. Among the major changes include an eight-month extension on their “On Demand E-Hail” pilot program and beefing up the Access-a-Ride (AAR) para-transit program. Read the Curb article here.

Easter Seals Taxicab Operator GuideThis pocket guide covers driver responsibilities for serving passengers under the ADA, disability etiquette, mobility aids, assisting customers with service animals, and passenger responsibilities.

Taxicab ADA Brochure Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi PDF version: This brochure outlines in question and answer format taxicab companies’ responsibilities under the ADA and is geared toward managers and owners.

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