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Driver News (October 7, 2019)


MINI Thermal Bluetooth Printer Battery Replacement: Drivers with the MINI Thermal Bluetooth printer may have experienced issues with their printer battery this summer. This is due to overheating, which caused the batteries to expand and break. Drivers have been instructed to not leave the printers inside the vehicle when they’re not working. Yellow Cab is now selling replacement batteries for $25 each. Please see a technician if you need a replacement battery.

T2R Taxi-to-Rail Pilot Program Expanded: T2R has been expanded to include two more Metro stations, grocery stores, recreation centers and libraries in Wards 6, 7 and 8. The Taxi-to-Rail (T2R) pilot program covers up to $10.00 for passengers. Once the trip surpasses $10.00 on the meter, the passenger will be responsible for paying for the rest of the trip out of pocket. Users can be book trips via, the ezRidr app, or by calling 202-727-3827. Read the Washington Post article here.  See the expanded location list here.

Make sure to check out the WUSA9 report on the Taxi-to-Rail Pilot Program here.

Muhammad Al-Qaabil Feature: In this GPS driven world, there’s still something to be said for a cabbie who actually knows his way around. Read the feature on one of Yellow Cab’s longest tenured drivers & dispatchers Mr. Muhammad Al-Qaabil, written by Washington Post Express columnist Kery Murakami.

Looking For Seven-Seater Vehicles: Yellow Cab Company is looking for drivers that own seven-seat vehicles to add to the fleet of taxicabs. If you anyone with that vehicle type please encourage them to consider joining the YC dispatch fleet .

Payment Resume Button Error: Drivers, please DO NOT press the RESUME button when a passenger requests a copy of their credit card receipt. This cancels the payment and creates extra work for you and the creates a headache for the customer. The correct way to print a copy of a credit card receipt is for the driver to press the ACCOUNT button then enter account 100.

Inform The DFHV of Renewals: When drivers renew their face, driver’s license, vehicle registration or vehicle inspection, you should call DFHV to inform them to update their records at 202-645 6018. Failure to do so could lead to inadvertent shutdown of your system. 

SMS Payment Instruction: The SMS payment option is now available on all driver consoles (tablets).  SMS pay can be used as a backup to the Verifone system or as the customer’s preferred payment method.  To use press SMS Pay on the driver console and enter customer’s mobile telephone number.  If it is a dispatch trip and the customer used their cell number to book the ride the mobile number will automatically be populated on the screen.  Press the DONE button, then the SEND button. The customer will then receive a text message with a link where they can enter their credit card information. Once that is completed, the driver will receive the completed payment information on their tablet. Please note that passengers will not be able to add a tip at the end. You can politely ask the customer if they would like to add a tip. If they do, enter it on the Extras screen prior to entering their mobile phone number.

New Child Seat Laws: DC has updated and made very defined rules as to how small children children are permitted to ride as a passenger in all vehicles, taxicabs included. Please read here  to become more familiar with the  new guidelines.

H & I Street NW – Summer 2019 Bus Lanes Pilot: Until September 27, 2019, a bus lane pilot is coming to H and I Streets NW downtown between Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street NW. During this period, the right curb‐side lane will operate as a bus lane during the AM and PM peak periods, from 7AM‐9:30AM and 4PM‐6:30PM on weekdays. Road markings and signage will mark the right‐hand curbside lanes on H and I Streets as “Bus Only,” and red paint will be applied to the pavement. Red paint on the road anywhere in the District means the lane is restricted to buses or other authorized users for at least part of the day. Signs will indicate when restrictions apply.

Electronic Receipt: Customers can request electronic receipts from the Verifone back seat device. After selecting a payment option, customers will see an eReicept by Curb button option and can enter their mobile phone number and press ENTER to receive a text message with a link to the the eReceipt.  Customers can still request a printed but we should promote the electronic receipt option to show them the technology advancements at Yellow Cab.

YCDC Pay Browser Update: The YCDC Pay website works best with the Chrome browser. Other browsers may work but are not full compatible.

Taxi Butler:  There are now 30 Taxi Butler locations throughout the city. Here is a list of locations with the installed Taxi Butler device.

  • Fairfield Inn – 2305 New York Avenue NE
  • Hotel Arboretum -1917 Bladensburg Road NE
  • Courtyard Marriott – 1325 2nd Street NW
  • Homewood Suites – 465 New York Avenue NW
  • Pod DC Hotel – 627 H Street NW
  • Hampton Inn Hotel – 501 New York Avenue NE
  • Hampton Inn and Suites, Navy Yard – 1265 First Street SE
  • Avenue Suites Georgetown – 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Hilton Garden Inn – 1225 First Street NE
  • Willard Intercontinental Hotel – 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
  • Intercontinental Washington DC – 801 Wharf Street SW
  • Hampton Inn Washington DC White House – 1729 H Street NW
  • Hotel Hotel– 2224 F Street NW
  • Greenbriar Condominiums – 4301 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Kimpton George Hotel – 15 E Street NW
  • Knollwood Military Retirement Community – 6200 Oregon Avenue NW
  • The Kennedy-Warren – 3133 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Homewood Suites – 1475 Massachusetts Avenue NW
  • Residence Inn – 333 E Street SE
  • Hyatt Place – 24 N Street NE
  • Holiday Inn/White House – 1501 Rhode Island Avenue NW
  • Washington Marriott Wardman Park – 2660 Woodley Road NW
  • The River Inn – 924 25th Street NW
  • The Kenmore – 5415 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Hyatt Place/White House – 1522 K Street NW
  • Hyatt Place/National Mall – 400 E Street SW
  • The Watergate Hotel – 2650 Virginia Avenue NW
  • The W Hotel – 515 15th Street NW
  • Foxhall Medicine – 3301 New Mexico Avenue NW
  • The Ritz-Carlton – 3100 South Street NW

New Lawsuit Against Uber: A class action lawsuit has filed against ride-sharing giant Uber in federal court in California. The details of this lawsuit argue that Uber drivers are employees, not independent contractors. This lawsuit contests that Uber drivers should be eligible for many perks given to employees, including minimum wage and certain benefits. Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan has a long history of bringing lawsuits against gig economy companies, including UberLyft and Grubhub, for reportedly misclassifying workers.  Read the CNET article here.

Waymo’s Robotaxi Pilot Surpassed Expectation In First Month: Waymo’s plan to roll out a fleet of autonomous vehicles is off to a great success in its initial month. Waymo’s pilot program, which is currently only open to Waymo or Alphabet employees and their guests taking rides within its geofenced South Bay territory, completed over 6,200 trips over a 30 day span in late August and early September. This is a huge step in the direction of making self-driving cars a norm in this country. Read the Tech Crunch article here.

Easter Seals Taxicab Operator GuideThis pocket guide covers driver responsibilities for serving passengers under the ADA, disability etiquette, mobility aids, assisting customers with service animals, and passenger responsibilities.

Taxicab ADA Brochure Frequently Asked Questions on Taxi PDF version: This brochure outlines in question and answer format taxicab companies’ responsibilities under the ADA and is geared toward managers and owners.

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