Payment 1

Pre-pay Option

The Pre-pay payment option is almost always cheaper than the time and distance metered fare

  • Prepaid trips are a fixed rate versus the calculated rate by the in-vehicle time and distance taximeter
  • The fixed rate calculation is the total trip miles multiplied by taxicab per mile rate, plus the published taxicabs trip fees and surcharges
  • Click the Book a Trip button.
  • Enter the full trip details and select the Pre-Pay Now payment option
  • The quoted prepaid fare will be displayed. Select Tip percentage or amount
  • The trip summary and the booking terms and conditions will be displayed
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to be redirected to the payment function.
  • Follow the payment instructions to complete the trip booking
  • Cancellation: Must be done prior to the trip being dispatched.
  • Refund: Full refund if the trip is cancelled prior to dispatch or we failed to complete the trip
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